And we'd like to work with you.

After four decades TRC is now a private studio, which means we can do exactly what we want to do. And we want to mix your stuff. We remix music we like for a nominal fee, and we record and mix music we really like for free. Click here to get started.

And we're better than anybody at restoring and transferring music from magnetic tape. So check out the Services tab for stuff you can use.

Elsewhere on the site is information about our studio, equipment, personnel, and history.

The studio

TRC's control room 4a features an Avid S6 M40-32-9-D, analog channel strips (Avalon, Rupert Neve Portico II and Shelford, Universal Audio, Chandler EMI, Manley and Trident 80B), racks of preamps, and a Studer 24-track. The tracking room has a robust mic locker (more than 50 and counting), and is big enough to be comfortable for a rhythm section, or for overdubbing strings, horns, or vocals. A floor plan and equipment list at the Gear tab.

“Wherever the music is destined to go, you have to have reliable control room acoustics and monitoring. Without it, you’re sonically adrift, never quite finding where the music should land. That’s why we're so grateful for what Steve Durr has done for us in Control Room 4a.”
— Mike Schatzlein