Our Invitation

Producing great music today requires seamlessly fusing the analog and digital realms. Analog equipment makes music sound like music, while the incredible flexibility of Pro Tools on the S6 enhances creativity and helps get a better product. Analog preamps (many with tubes), the Studer 24-track and Pro Tools on the S6 make it possible to get both great sound and exceptional mixing flexibility.

"A 'hybrid' approach is the rational way to get that coveted 'analog sound' with the versatility of digital."

— Mike Schatzlein

Here's Where You Come In

At TRC, we love to produce and mix music.

Since we're private, we pick our clients and we don't charge for the studio.

If you're in Nashville, and want to come by and look around, contact us at remix@trcstudios.com.

If you're anywhere else in the world, here's a no-risk offer:

  • Send a rough mix or demo of one or two representative songs to remix@trcstudios.com
  • We will review quickly and decide whether the music is "fit" for us
  • If we decide to move forward, we’ll send you a link to upload the tracks you want mixed to our server, or you can send us your 24-track master tape
  • We’ll talk with you by phone or email about what you’re looking for in the mix, effects you want, etc.
  • We may request a payment via PayPal for an engineer, though sometimes the producer will mix alone
  • Usually we'll send progress mixes, and talk about them by phone or email
  • Final mixes will be provided by the agreed-upon time

Mixing samples

Today at TRC, we have the flexibility to use Pro Tools and/or the Studer. But, we also have extensive experience mixing music in a fully analog world during decades with our production company TRCPG. And we’ve brought those analog chops forward with the great room acoustics, dozens of cool mics, and racks of analog outboard gear. The history of TRCPG is documented on a page that includes some streaming samples.

Check out TRCPG

Tunes from our Nashville years can be found on the clients page.