TRCPG History

The TRCPG legacy

The TRC Production Group (TRCPG) was formed even before the studios opened. The first project was a single for a local rock group, recorded in 1972 in the same garage studio where Reformation’s “Without You” had been cut.


Sky Of My Mind

The very first TRCPG production was in 1972 for release on the Talun label. This was before the first TRC Studios had been built and before Johnny joined Mike and Gary. Recorded and mixed at Gilfoy Sound (a garage studio in Bloomington, Indiana), it features Jim Eichelman on sax.

"Sky Of My Mind" by Gryphon 1972

Sky Of My Mind by Gryphon

From 1973 on, TRCPG produced hundreds of “jingles” and film sound tracks, helping to develop a strong cadre of session musicians, many from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and others from local bands. The theory at TRCPG was that commercial music should be as appealing as the music the target market preferred. It was not uncommon to produce rock/pop, easy listening, and country versions for a single client.

TRCPG, predominantly Gary Schatzlein, also produced a number of regional and national records for Polydor, United Artists, and their own TRC label. Artists included Peddler, Krystof, Starkravin, and Larry Crane.

Later, the group produced original music for trade shows for Hampton Inn (Promus Hotels later sold to Hilton), Eli Lilly (Prozac) and Resort Condominiums International (RCI), among others, and music for some independent feature films.

Record Samples

  • Peddler Art


    Gary Schatzlein produced the self-titled debut LP "Peddler" for United Artists in 1976. Everything on the record was an original tune. This rough mix of a cover didn't make it to vinyl, and has not been heard before.

    "Baby I Love You" by Peddler 1976

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  • Starkravin Art


    Discovered by Gary Schatzlein, Starkravin' was signed by Polydor in 1978. This is their first single. Master tapes were lost; this stream was duped from the vinyl 45. The lead singer slips sharp here and there, but this was way before Auto-tune.

    "Can’t Wait" by Starkravin' 1978

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  • Krystof Art

    Krystof Krawczyk

    Polish rock star Krystof Krawczyk came to the United States in 1980 to record the album "From a Different Place" at TRC. The single from this album, “Solidarity,” became the anthem of the Polish revolution lead by Lech Walesa.

    “Solidarity” by Krystof 1980

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  • Larry Crane Art

    Larry Crane

    Larry Crane toured and recorded as lead guitarist with John Mellencamp for many years. In Larry’s first, self-titled solo album he applied his own songwriting, voice and interpretations to the “southern Indiana style” he and John had previously explored together. Gary Schatzlein was executive producer.

    "Independence Day" by Larry Crane

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Trade Show Clients and Samples

  • Hampton Inn Logo

    Guaranteeing the Future – Hampton Inn

    TRCPG produced a lot of music for film and for trade shows, including a decade's worth for Hampton Inn. In Mike Schatzlein's favorite from that library, franchisees are encouraged to "Guarantee the Future" for travelers and for themselves. The chain is "off to foreign shores" with a global expansion.

    This cut was recorded on 24-track tape at TRC Indianapolis in 2000 and remixed by Mike Schatzlein at TRC Nashville in 2016. In many ways, it best exemplifies the quality of TRCPG's work.

    "Guaranteeing the Future"

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  • Hilton Worldwide Logo


    Trade show tracks for Promus Hotels.

    "Power of the Promus" 1996

    "Share the Vision" 1997

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  • Lilly Logo
  • RCI Logo


Mike, Gary & John

Many people contributed to the hundreds of TRCPG productions, but the constants over the first 20 years were Mike and Gary Schatzlein, and John Cascella. All three wrote, arranged, produced, and performed, and the brothers also served on occasion as engineers.

Gary played guitar and bass, and sang. Mike played keyboards and trumpet, and sang. John was a supremely talented musician, the best of the three at composing and arranging, and a wizard on keyboards, sax and accordion. He recorded and toured with John Mellencamp when not working with TRCPG. The Indiana music world mourned his untimely death in 1992, and Mellencamp dedicated the “Human Wheels” album to John.

Today, the sole surviving member of TRCPG is Mike Schatzlein, now also sole owner of TRC Studios. He has participated in the design and construction of half a dozen studios. He can tweak a 24-track tape machine, and is a beta tester for the Avid S6 control surface. He was never more than an average guitar player, but keeps trying. The years have taken their toll on his voice and trumpet playing, but he remains facile on drums and keyboards. His passion has always been producing and remix engineering, the focus of TRC today. Here's Mike and Jason Harris (guitars) in a 2018 cover of a 1969 Bachman/Cummings tune.

No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

The Guess Who were signed with RCA in 1969, the same time as The Chosen Few (who later, as Faith, recorded at TRC). This song was on their first album, and was covered by Reformation in live performances soon after its release. Here's Reformation at TRC in 2018.

“No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature"

No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature