A long time ago, in a galaxy . . .

TRC Studios started with brothers Mike and Gary Schatzlein, and their shared passion for music. They were doing music together before they were teenagers, and stayed at it until Gary passed away in 2001. Over almost 30 years at TRC, they did countless sessions with famous and hopefully-famous musicians, produced innumerable music tracks for film and trade shows, and even turned out a few hundred jingles.

Transforming TRC from the premier audio recording facility in Indiana to a private studio in Nashville has allowed Mike to indulge his passion for producing and mixing music — offering services on a selective basis to friends and friends of friends.


It begins

Talun Records signs the rock band Reformation. Members of the band, brothers Mike and Gary Schatzlein, get their first taste of studio recording. Their first single, written by Gary and sung by Mike, is “Without You.”


TRC and TRCPG are born

The Schatzlein brothers purchase Talun, rename it TRC and build their first two-studio complex. While the studios are under construction, they form the TRC Production Group (TRCPG).

TRCPG alone had such a robust history, if you're interested you can find more here.

1973 – 1982

Tape’s rolling!

The studio is filled with talented regional bands such as Roadmaster, Faith Band, Michael Henderson, The Wright Brothers, Duke Tumatoe and Henry Lee Summer, as well as national talents such as Lionel Hampton, Paul Anka, Harry Connick, Jr., and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. TRCPG also produces commercial music for trade shows, film, radio and TV, including hundreds of jingles, giving the Schatzlein brothers the chance to hone their engineering and producing skills.


John Mellencamp

TRC purchases a second 24-track studio on the north side of town, remodels it, and installs an MCI JH-532 console. John Mellencamp records his hit single “Crumblin’ Down” as one of the first sessions there.


Growth and Consolidation

The new facility is expanded, and Studio B is joined by a brand new Studio A — a “Live End, Dead End” room whose unique design is featured in Mix magazine.

1985- 2000

Bob and Tom

Tom Griswold records all of the comedy music for the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom Show" at TRC. The comedic duo also periodically broadcasts live from the studio. In this Live Day photo, Johnny Cascella is second from the far right. The late comedian Sam Kinison is just to the right of Bob and Tom.


Gone too soon

Gary Schatzlein becomes ill, and can't oversee the studio he loves. He passes away the following year.

2001 - 2010


After Gary’s death, TRC's assets (including the Trident 80B shown here in a 1992 photo) pass into other hands. Without his soulmate and collaborator of 40 years, Mike loses his passion for music.


Music City

Mike relocates to Nashville and the environment tugs him back into his and Gary’s dream. He begins acquiring keyboards, guitars, mics and recording equipment.


TRC Nashville

Much of the upper level of Mike’s home is demolished and construction begins on TRC Studios Nashville (Studio 4A).


A passion reborn

Mike opens his new studio to friends and friends of friends, rapidly accumulating tracks to feed his passion for mixing. Inspired by the talents of students and recent graduates from Belmont University, he makes the studio available for select young artists, learning from them as well as sharing his experiences from the pure analog era.

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