We're humbled and amazed by how incredibly talented each and every one of our clients and session players is. Some are Belmont students, recent grads and their friends, and we learn from them while helping them launch their careers. Others are old friends and friends of friends, some famous and some not. The slider below highlights some recent artists. Next is a photo gallery. At the bottom of the page is a list of notable clients from the past 45 years.

Photo Gallery and Friends


TRC is now a private studio. Some of our clients really value their privacy, and we don't talk about them. Others want their names withheld until a record is released or a demo is sold. But most of our clients and artists are okay with being on this "Friends" list.

Friends of TRC

  • John Mellencamp, "Crumblin' Down" [single]
  • Sydney Brown, album in progress
  • Rastus, horn overdubs [single]
  • Larry Crane, "Larry Crane", "Eye For An Eye"
  • Aeliana, "Creeping Death" [single]
  • Ben Tankersly, "California" [single]
  • Shadows of Knight, record company demos
  • Rusty Bladen, "Are You Happy Now?" [single]
  • Cousins From Venus, "26 Million Miles From Home" [single]
  • Pat Boone, "The Time Has Come"
  • Pure Funk, record company demos
  • Dakota Adams, "Aubrey" [single]
  • Steve Allee, "New York In The Fifties" [soundtrack LP]
  • Faith Band, "Excuse Me", "Rock'n Romance"
  • Billy Wooten, "In This World"
  • Roadmaster, "Sweet Music"
  • Andrew Trufano, "Run" [single]
  • Parker Tumlin, "What's Going On" [single]
  • John Michael Talbot, "The Painter", "The Lord's Supper"
  • Tin Lounge, "Anthology"
  • Henry Lee Summer "Stay With Me", "Amazing Grace"
  • Starkravin', "Can't Wait" [single]
  • Paul Anka and Odia Coates, vocal overdubs
  • Harry Connick, Jr., vocal overdubs
  • Markus Anderson, album in progress
  • Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, demos and overdubs
  • The Wright Brothers, "Easy Street"
  • Michael Henderson, demos
  • Iced Earth, "Alive In Athens"
  • Kalynne Michelle, "Headlights" [single]
  • Randy Ferris, "As The Melody Fades", "This Bed"
  • Reformation, "Judgment Day" [single], "Decades"
  • Brittany Bauerly, "The Leaving Song" [single]
  • Bob and Tom, multiple LPs
  • Duke Tumatoe, "Wild Animals", "I Like My Job"
  • The Electric Amish, "Barn To Be Wild"
  • Lionel Hampton, demos and overdubs
  • Madison Kozak, album in progress
  • Chris Baldani, trombone overdubs
  • Heartist, album in progress
  • Kara Frazier, EP
  • Drew Price, Heartist producer
  • Peddler, "Street Corner Stuff"
  • Tanja Jurek, "Paralysis" [single]
  • Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign, "Watchin You', Watchin Me"
  • Trevor Hoffort, Heartist producer
  • Tyler David, "Grace" [single]
  • Kim Franca, vocal coach and producer
  • Southwind, "Southwind"
  • Krystof Krawczyk, "From A Different Place"
  • Deanna Walker and Rick Beresford, demos
  • Clio Cadence, vocals for EP in progress
  • Mitchell Kilpatrick, "Say I Do" [single]
  • Stacy Stone, "Moon and Back" [single]
  • Shiloh Morning, "Shiloh Morning"
  • Ragan Hoffman, album in progress
  • Rob West, "Tennessee" [single]
  • Katie Hall, record company demos
  • Niles Rooker, album in progress
  • Tori Martin, "Living The Dream" music video
  • Red White and Bluegrass, demos
  • Charles Leonard Bush II, "Boogie Woogie Stanky Wanky"
  • Susan Wood, EP in progress
  • Caroline Kole, "What If" music video
  • Quint Collins, demos
  • Jeff Meloen, Barton drum videos
  • Carl Davis, Chi-Sound/UA producer
  • Matt Thomas, album in progress
  • American Roommates, "Am I An Adult Yet?" [EP]
  • Hannah Schaefer, record company demos
  • Mike Klooster, keyboards for "Unredeemed" score
  • Hannah Trager, "Scary Parts Of Me" [single]
  • Kylie Nicole, "3rd Degree Burns" remix
  • Ray Amico, producer, "Unredeemed" movie score

Photo Gallery and Friends

Photo Gallery

Some fun pictures from in the studio, or provided by our friends.